Saturday, July 08, 2006


The Real Original Spime

Spime was first publicly introduced over 30 years ago, in approximately 1972, by Dr. George Kayatta, R.M., whom, for two decades, has been publicly introduced and recognized as a genius in several fields and the foremost Renaissance Man in America. Dr. Kayatta initially introduced the world to Spime by submitting his “Spime Factor” theory to the American mathematical community including MIT, Caltech, NASA, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison and to the international mathematical community including Sweden, England and Canada. “Spime Factor” has been recognized, promulgated and praised as a major scientific breakthrough, even putting Dr. Kayatta in contention for the very first Nobel Prize in mathematics.

In “Spime Factor,” Dr. Kayatta explained SPIME as unrecorded SPacetIME that separates the constants of {01} in qualitative successions: 010203. The SPIMES are displayed as equilateral triangles, supervelocitous waves {Energy} between particles {quantum mass}. After the constant “01” ends, “02” begins as another “01.” But the length of “02” is not only “01 + 01”; it is 2 plus “the plus.” Hence the real distance of “ten times 01” is like the length of ten bricks plus the cement, making the distance over the threshold of number 11! In terms of light years, for example, today’s spimeless math is short of the real distance, and off track.

Additionally, through 1979 to 1981, Dr. Kayatta introduced SPIME and subzero pi at the Hayden Planetarium round table discussions. Dr. Kenneth Franklin, the chief astronomer, acknowledged that “If your SPIME and subzero pi are true . . . we’ll have to re-map the sky!” More on SPIME and subzero pi can be found in Dr. Kayatta’s book, Feast, which was voted as the “the best book of 1994” by the prestigious Beaux Arts Society of New York.

Dr. Kayatta also introduced SPIME nationally in the 1990’s on the Mort Downy Show [WWOR, Ch. 9 NYC] and in the Tour de Force [1990-1991], Dr. Kayatta’s four hour cable television math series. Thanks to Dr. Kayatta’s colleagues, friends and associates, copies of the Tour de Force were sent unsolicited to countless people and universities. It is amazing to be notified that the word SPIME has been used elsewhere outside of its original and longtime context.

Meet George Kayatta, R.M., the Foremost Renaissance Man in America with international recognition.

Born in Brooklyn, NY on April 25, 1944, Dr. Kayatta is now a master of math, the arts and even the martial arts. His work and studies are found in his paintings, music, mathematics, poetry, plays, theatrical productions, drama in verse, philosophy, fiction, non-fiction, photography, humor, prayer, priesthood and patriotism.

He has been highly educated with a B.A. degree from St. Bonaventure University in 1965, an M.A. degree in Romance Language/Literature from CUNY, Binghamton in 1968, a Ph.D. degree in French Literature from Case Western Reserve University in 1970, and an LL.B. degree from LaSalle Extension University in 1973. He earned several graduate and post-graduate scholarships. His Goju Black Belt was earned in 1979 at the New York Karate Academy.

His experience in organizations includes the Beaux Arts of New York, where he was first recognized as the Foremost Renaissance Man in America, Megagenius, 1st Lt. of the US Army Artillery, Assistant Professor at St. John’s University, NYC, and World Professional Martial Arts Organization.

Dr. Kayatta’s major achievements encompass the entire Holy Bible in verse (5,000 pages), the Mathematical Planetarium Papers (65,000 pages), Feast, which was voted book of the Year 1994 by the Beaux Arts of New York, music legacy as RCA Victor recording artist, 350 performances in concert: 12 string guitar, 5 string banjo, and violin, several displays of work on canvas, and over 450 paintings. Dr. Kayatta has also authored many books containing various styles and subjects including poetry, prayers, novels, plays, essays, short stories, mathematics, dialogues, martial arts, correspondence, cartoons, American Greeting Cards, jokes, romantic songs, action songs and instrumental pieces. He has had 9 Feasts published by New Renaissance Productions, NY from 1994 through 2005.

Dr. Kayatta has been highly honored with nominations for Nobel Prizes in Literature and Science and for U.S. Poet Laureate.

He is highly recognized and received 3 DaVincian Awards, 3 martial arts journalism awards as the Chief Writer for World Karate Magazine, a Humanitarian Award from NYC Philanthropic League, and an N.D.E.A. total Fellowship at Case Western Reserve University from 1967-70. He was 1 of only 3 in America to have received this honor.